Thursday, November 9, 2017

Former Governor Wanted Wife Arrested for Eavesdropping

AL - The former director of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (Spencer Collier) said former Governor Robert Bentley wanted to know why his wife, Dianne shouldn't be arrested after he discovered she had been secretly recording his conversations with the aide suspected of being his mistress.

Collier said, "Once I become confident that Ms. Dianne was responsible for recording him, I told him and ended the investigation.

He wanted to know why she couldn't be arrested for planting an eavesdropping device.

I explained that in my opinion, no [District Attorney] in AL or the [Attorney General] was willing to prosecute a wife for recording her spouse caught in the act of adultery... He became upset and stated that if she or anyone disseminated the information that he would demand that they be arrested." more