Sunday, November 5, 2017

Private Eye Charged with Illegally Spying on Politicians

FL - ...It was only after all three politicians discovered mysterious GPS trackers under their vehicles and turned them over to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement that a criminal investigation began...Now, nearly a year after election day, the State Attorney’s Office has charged Victor Elbeze with illegal tracking after FDLE agents found his fingerprints on one of trackers...

Elbeze and his boss at the time, Steve Cohen, who owns the Hallandale Beach firm General Investigative Services, denied following any politicians...Cohen, a shadowy Russian national who recently changed his name from Stanislav Doudnik, refused to speak on camera and wouldn’t say who hired his firm, citing client confidentiality. But he said he never ordered Elbeze, who has left his employ, or anyone else to do anything illegal.   more