Friday, February 16, 2018

EU Kills Nanny, and other covert cams used to spot theft and wrong-doing.

EU - Employers looking to monitor the conduct of their employees should consider their actions carefully, particularly in light of the requirements of the new data protection laws coming into force in May.

In a recent legal case, a Spanish supermarket set up hidden CCTV cameras to monitor its employees after it uncovered theft at one of its stores. The footage collected showed five employees stealing items. The employees were confronted and admitted to theft, after which they were dismissed.

They pursued unfair dismissal claims, arguing that the use of the covert video evidence was an infringement of their privacy rights. The European Court of Human Rights agreed that the use of covert cameras constituted a violation of the employees' right to privacy and breached Spanish data protection law.

How does this apply in the UK? more

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