Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Darwin Award: Man Spycams Wife for 3 Years to Bug Her - Shoots Himself

Paul Lewis, 46, rigged up the secret video camera because he feared his wife Ann, 45, was having a secret affair.

His video revealed she wasn’t having sex romps while he was at work – but he carried of covertly filming her for the next three years anyway.

He said continued because he knew it would annoy her.

A court heard the marriage had been ‘effectively over’ for some time when Ann, a teacher, found the digital camera after it was moved to the kitchen of their three-bedroom village home.

She found 29 videos of herself that had been shot in the bedroom lasting between a few seconds and up to 40 minutes.

Lewis, an engineer, blundered because some of the clips showed him accidentally filming himself installing the spy camera in a bedside cabinet. more