Monday, September 24, 2018

Corporate Espionage: Employees Solicited to Sell Company Secrets

There's a booming job market for corporate insiders willing to share secret info with cyber criminals.
  • Amazon said this week it's investigating whether company insiders have been selling proprietary information to buyers in Asia in order to give them a selling advantage.
  • Many companies, especially in big technology, banking and telecom, face heavy incentives overseas for employees to sell internal information or access.
  • The problem is so common that in some jurisdictions, criminal enterprises post "job ads" looking for specific insiders to aid in targeted schemes.
"The salaries listed are quite high, sometimes 10 times what the average salary for an average job at a bank would be...They look for people who can tell them how to log in and how to connect to certain accounts" ~Ziv Mador more