Thursday, September 27, 2018

Recent Spycam News

AR - A Northeast Arkansas man accused in a video voyeurism case pleaded guilty Monday. more

CA - Former Rancho Palos Verdes building inspector accused of secretly recording 89 people in City Hall, Starbucks restroom. more

DC - Fifty-two women secretly videotaped by an Orthodox rabbi in Georgetown between 2004 and 2014 as they undressed to immerse in a mikvah, a Jewish ritual bath, will get $25,000 each if a settlement reached between them and four Jewish organizations is approved by a D.C. judge. more

FL - Fort Myers Arthrex employee secretly recorded co-worker using bathroom. more

FL - A man who installs security systems for a living is accused of setting up hidden cameras in a home and recording hundreds of videos of women in the shower. more

Fl - A teacher and girls track coach left Bloomingdale High School in handcuffs on Tuesday after deputies said he admitted to secretly recording students in his fashion design class as they undressed. more
KY - A former teacher at Holy Rosary Catholic School in Evansville has pleaded guilty to six charges in a voyeurism case. more

PA - Philadelphia man sentenced to 20 years for secretly recording his girlfriend’s two daughters in bathroom. more

TX - A father suspicious of what was going on at his son's daycare sent the baby rigged with a spycam. His suspicions turned out to be right. more

UT - Salt Lake man charged in changing room voyeurism case. more

VT - There are new allegations against the former Rice Memorial High School teacher charged with secretly taking cellphone photos up students' skirts. more

WA - A Western Washington University employee, who committed suicide this week, had been accused of secretly video-recording two adult basketball players inside a locker room shower. more

WA - A man who videotaped a young girl as she was showering was sentenced to serve 90 days in jail for voyeurism. more

WV - Women's basketball players were photographed secretly in nude by assistant coach/residence hall director. more

Belgium - Every year, police records more acts of voyeurism. In 2016, 366 offenses were recorded, and even 857 in 2017, while in 2014 and 2015, the figures were respectively 108 and 112. more

Canada - Peterborough police have arrested a man on a warrant for several charges including voyeurism involving a woman he once had an intimate relationship with. more

Canada - A British couple vacationing in Toronto were horrified to discover a spy camera hidden in a digital clock at their rental apartment. more

Japan - Kumamoto Prefectural Police have arrested a male civic employee over the alleged illicit filming of a female high school student. more

Singapore - Apart from new laws to tackle the issue of voyeurism, various stakeholders such as malls and security companies should step up efforts to deter the use of hidden cameras in public toilets, said Members of Parliament (MPs) and activists. more   Finding spycams in the workplace.

South Korea - A spycam was discovered in the room for actress Shin Se-kyung and Apink’s Yoon Bo-mi while they were shooting for new variety program “Borderless Food Cart.” more

South Korea - Public toilets an issue of concern in South Korea for thousands of women. more