Sunday, March 31, 2019

FutureWatch - Spying on What Drones Spy

Should you worry about drone jacking if your business relies on taking aerial video footage? Probably. For one thing, camera drones are one of the juiciest targets for cybercriminals around. They know that companies using these vehicles tend to install high-quality cameras and accessories, in order to capture the best possible footage. So camera drones are a prime target - if only due to their resale value. 

But the data captured by camera drones could be even more attractive. Security experts have shown that it's relatively simple to steal the login credentials of pilots, providing total awareness of flight paths, footage, and any other data. This can be sold on to third parties, , or just exploited for personal use.

When unedited footage leaks, it can be a huge reputational risk for the company that captured it, as well as a loss of valuable proprietary data. So it makes sense to secure your footage as much as possible, but how can you do so? more