Saturday, February 24, 2007

Walter Mitty's PI avatar - another SpyBot

Boasting a motion detector, video camera, microphone and loudspeaker, Spyke is the ultimate Wi-Fi-enabled robot. We love him and so will you!

Main Features
- Spy robot - Spyke moves, watches, speaks and listens
- VOIP phone - Use your Spyke as a wireless VOIP phone (compatible with Skype 3.0 PC technology)
- Digital Music Player - listen to your own music over Wi-Fi with Spyke

- Video Surveillance - When a movement is detected, Spyke activates an alarm on your computer or sends you a picture by email
- Wi-Fi card included

- Motion sensors activate automatically when something happens
- Returns to recharging station automatically when battery is low
- Control on local Wi-Fi connection or remotely on internet (more)