Monday, September 24, 2007

SpyCam Story #378 - Out of the Water Closet

The following came from a announcement posted on the Internet. The event is over, but the message is clear. SpyCamers are no longer haunting just bathrooms. Keep alert.

Super Secret Spy Cam Party - San Francisco
Event Details

Shhh… shut the door, close your blinds, and listen close. For a long time now, our super secret spycams have been on the streets filming (shhhh…) Real Live PickUp in Action! Yes, that’s right real women in the real world being picked up and all caught on tape with our hidden cameras. And now you, and a select group of our best fans, have been invited to take a sneak peak inside our hidden cam archives. And that’s not all…

You may have seen some short samples on youtube or on our website, but we’ve actually been holding onto literally hours and hours of footage that no one outside my inner circle has ever seen. You see, for years I’ve been filming my instructors and students out in the field, not only to help us with training, but to gather undeniable proof of what we already know – that this stuff works! And, it works like magic!

And now, for the first time ever, we’re planning to release this top secret footage to the world. Because it’s not just about watching cool videos of all our PickUp 101 techniques in action... it’s also an unbelievable learning tool. (more)