Monday, October 6, 2008

The Case of the 'Knotso' Safe House

UK - A handheld computer reportedly belonging to Britain's domestic spy agency (MI-5) has been stolen from a house in northern England.

Police in the city of Manchester confirmed in a statement that a house had been broken into over the weekend and that an encrypted handheld computer was stolen. It is believed the burglar entered the house through an open window.

Press Association said the house was being rented by the domestic spy service MI-5.

The intelligence services have been hit by a number of security breaches recently. (more)

Meanwhile over at MI-6...
...police are investigating the sale of a camera on eBay that is said to have contained MI-6 images of terror suspects. (more)

Don't laugh.
If it can happen at the MI's, it can easily happen at your company, and probably does. What are you doing about it? Need help? Call me.