Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SpyCam Story #513 - Another Dip in the Pool

A Connecticut man was arrested Sunday accused of videotaping guests at a Cape Cod resort.

Alan Gillette, 50, of Winsted, Conn., was also in possession of a stun gun, pepper spray and drugs when he was arrested...

Gillette was seen at the Cape Codder Resort and Spa videotaping guests at the pool and in the sauna... Witnesses said the man had a camera hidden under a towel. The hotel has a policy banning video cameras in the pool area.

Police were able to hear conversations taking place in the pool and sauna area on the video... There was also footage from inside the men's locker room and audio recording of muffled conversations while the showers were running, police said.

Gillette pleaded not guilty... to charges of possession of chemical mace without an FID card, selling or possessing an electric stun gun and unlawful wiretapping. He was ordered to stay away from the Cape Codder. (more)