Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Security Letter Book Review - "Is My Cell Phone Bugged?"

RECOMMENDED BOOK: IS MY CELL PHONE BUGGED?  Savvy readers have known for decades that cell phones are two-way radios. That means that someone else who hones in on the transmission can listen to everything that’s being said. But the matter is a quantum more serious when the cell phone itself has been rigged so that a third party can listen anytime, anywhere without discovery.
            Kevin D. Murray has been a well regarded consultant for over three decades in electronic eaves-dropping detection and countermeasures. He has a knack of explaining problem and controls of them in simple language, as this book reflects. While the focus is on cell phone vulnerabilities, other electronic communications risks are discussed as well.
            “We’ve got a problem with communications.” Many security practitioners face on-going frustrations in limiting confidential information from being discussed over cell phones. This book reveals the fragility of cell phone communications. It also offers other tips to protect cell phone communications.
            Murray is like an anti-eavesdropping missionary. His book is a real value. It also comes with a free SpyWarn Mobile™ to help conduct your own cell phone diagnosis. Pub. by: Emerald Book Co., www.ismycellphonebugged.com 158 pp. includes the SpyWarn Mobile token; $17.95. 

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