Friday, September 9, 2011

They are very busy. That's why they're called busybodies.

UK - Millions of adults are self confessed computer hackers with more than one in 10 (13%) admitting they have accessed someone else's online account details without their permission.

According to research by life assistance company CPPGroup Plc (CPP), the most common 'casual' hacking takes place on Facebook and other social network sites. And while this will often be viewed as harmless spying, many admitted to accessing personal and work emails, money transaction portals such as PayPal and online banking sites.

Many people (32%) casually dismissed their hacking as something they did 'just for fun' while others admitted they did it to check up on their other half (29%) or a work colleague (8%). But it wasn't all passive spying - two per cent had very different motives admitting they did it for financial gain. (more)