Saturday, November 10, 2012

More iPhone Security Tips

Important Points
• iPhone / iPad / iPod muggings are common.
• Reduce risk...
-- Minimize usage while in very public places.
-- Use iOS's security features...
---- for tracking a stolen device and remote wiping of data.
---- for preventing thieves from: turning off tracking, accessing data and accounts.
• If theft occurs, go to the police first, not the phone company. 
-- Police will try to track. 
-- Carrier will shut off service.
• Seal the SIM card with serial numbered security tape to detect tampering.

Setting tips via Martin Williams...
1. Select Settings.
2. Click General.
3. Select Restrictions.
4. Set a Restrictions passcode.
5. Click Enable Restrictions.
6. Look for Deleting Apps and toggle the switch from On to Off. This will mean that no one can delete an app such as Find My iPhone without your Restrictions passcode.
7. Scroll down the list of options until you reach the Privacy section, here you’ll find a link to Locations Services, click it.
8. Select Don’t Allow Changes. This will mean it is impossible for a robber to disable the Find My iPhone application from broadcasting your GPS. You will now need manually to approve all new apps to access your location data.
9. Go back to the main Restrictions menu and select Accounts, changing this setting to Don’t Allow Changes. This makes it impossible for a mugger to disconnect your iCloud account that connects to Find My iPhone.
10. If your iPhone is stolen, it is only going to transmit its location for as long as a SIM card is inserted and is active.