Sunday, June 30, 2013

Stealth Wear for the Reg Blank in All of Us

The Tin Foil Hat folks have upgraded for the 21st Century. 
New types of stealth clothing are being developed. 
They thwart video and infrared surveillance techniques.  

Here is a brief rundown...

Stealth sunglasses.


Stealth handbag.

Stealth cap.

Stealth clothing.

TV Hat (More for video viewing rather than video stealth, but worth a peek :)

"What's a Reg Blank?" I hear you say... 
Reg is a "blank", a person not indexed in the government's database. (more) (video)
He sez... "All day every day, making tomorrow seem like yesterday."

Need a Tin Foil Hat to go with all your new anti-there gear? Check here.