Friday, June 28, 2013

Spybusters Tip #543 - On "High Tech" Car Burglars

The news media is overflowing with reports of "High Tech" car burglars. They appear to be opening locked cars while holding a "black box" which "has police all over the nation stumped as to how it works."

Here, at the Spybusters Countermeasures Compound, we believe the black box is nothing more than a radio signal jammer. 

The thief is nearby when the person locks their car using a wireless fob. They interfere with the locking signal and the car never really locks. Once the owner walks away, they strike.

Spybusters Tip #543: When locking your car, make sure you test that it is really locked before walking way. This is especially important if you see anyone nearby. (sing-a-long)