Thursday, July 4, 2013

Espionage is No Secret

Governments around the world are responding with outrage about the revelations from National Security Agency traitor Edward Snowden...

Are they really that outraged? Not likely. Only the childishly naïve would believe foreign governments were unaware of international espionage. Not only is the U.S. spying on foreign governments, including their allies, virtually every government in the world is engaged in espionage against every other government accessible to them...

Think allies don’t spy on each other? Think again... There isn’t room on this page to list the espionage activities of nations like China. For the curious, simply type, China espionage into any Internet search engine. (About 77,100,000 results)

The tactics used in the espionage world shock and surprise polite society because they seem underhanded and dishonest. And, usually, they are. Just as importantly, they are usually necessary evils. (more)

Your tax dollars at work, really.