Thursday, July 18, 2013

NSA Leak Highlights the Power of Spying - Irish Eyes Aren't Smiling

Ireland - Entrepreneurs are worried. Not because they have something to hide from US authorities, but for fear of breaking contractual liability

"I'm currently setting up two businesses here," said Jude Braden, who employs 12 people in Dublin-based data-related businesses. "My problem is that under Irish and EU law, I have a duty to protect the data of my clients. I can potentially be sued if my clients' data gets out into the public domain. But the events of recent weeks and months puts me in a position where I may not be able to fulfill the terms of that obligation."
 Espionage and industrial skullduggery have long been connected, said Conor Flynn, founder of Isas, a Dublin- IT security firm... "There has always been suspicions among American industrialists when they travel to China that they would be monitored for espionage purposes.

Dublin-based IT security expert Brian Honan agrees. "You don't bug German embassy offices if you're looking for Al-Qai'da," said Honan. "When the US plants bugs in EU embassies it is clearly targeted at trade talks and industrial interests."

Conor and Brian are correct. Industrial skullduggery, and bugging, are key espionage tactics – and, they are not the tools of governments alone. Tried and true spy methods still work in the business world.  (more)