Friday, July 5, 2013

Security Alert: 'Master key' to Android Phones Uncovered

If exploited, the bug would give attackers access to almost any Android phone.

A "master key" that could give cyber-thieves unfettered access to almost any Android phone has been discovered by security research firm BlueBox.

Upon hearing the bad news Android wets itself.
The bug could be exploited to let an attacker do what they want to a phone including stealing data, eavesdropping or using it to send junk messages.

The loophole has been present in every version of the Android operating system released since 2009.

Google said it currently had no comment to make on BlueBox's discovery...

The danger from the loophole remains theoretical because, as yet, there is no evidence that it is being exploited by cyber-thieves. (more)

The race is on between Google and The Cyber-thieves. We'll keep you posted. ~Kevin