Saturday, September 28, 2013

Business Espionage - Bra Biz Ops Man Bugged

Michelle Mone's firm bugged director's office amid fears he was about to jump ship to ex-husband's new company, tribunal hears 

MICHELLE MONE monitored recordings from a bug in a director’s office amid fears he was about quit for a job work with her ex, her new business partner claimed yesterday.

Eliaz Poleg told an employment tribunal he came up with the idea of bugging Scott Kilday’s plant pot.

Poleg – the chairman of the company formed from the sale of Michelle’s MJM firm – said he made the move as he had “extreme concerns” over Kilday’s loyalty to the troubled bra business.

Kilday now works for Michelle’s ex-husband Michael, who was bought out of MJM two days before the sale to MAS Holdings. Kilday walked out on MJM after finding the bug.

Poleg told the tribunal in Glasgow: “I know there was stuff on it because Michelle said she was listening and replacing the machine tapes. (more)