Saturday, September 28, 2013

Commercial Espionage Fears Prompts... a conference?!?!

Jamacia - Commercial espionage affecting Jamaican businesses are to be addressed at a two-day conference on Cyber Security and Digital Forensics, to be staged at the University of the West Indies from September 30 to October 1.

Mr. Robinson said he became aware of the level of corporate espionage occurring in Jamaica recently, and the conference will address this concern in a fulsome way.

“We’re not talking about a man hacking into a website and defacing it. We’re talking about criminals doing this for financial gain, or to prove a point. They can hack into a critical national infrastructure and disrupt the country in a significant way; for example your Air Traffic Control system, and you know the damage that can be done,” the State Minister said.

“There are just so many ways someone with a computer can create havoc and we need to be on top of that as a country,” he emphasized. (more)

The "Let's Talk About This" love boat sailed a long time ago. It's time for action. BTW... Corporate espionage via computers is only one hole in your security dike. Be sure your security program handles it all.