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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Annabel Melongo Eavesdropping Case - 8 Years and Counting

The Annabel Melongo saga continues in the Illinois Supreme Court Tuesday, Jan. 14, marking the eighth year the case has been tied up in litigation.

Melongo was (also) indicted for eavesdropping, as a grand jury accused her of illegally recording conversations with a Cook County court reporter.

The indictment accused Melongo of:

(1) Eavesdropping without consent:

“…in that she knowingly and intentionally used an eavesdropping device, to wit: an audio recording device, for the purpose of recording a conversation, to wit: recording a conversation conducted by telephone between Annabel K. Melongo and Pamela Taylor of the Cook County Court Reporter’s Office, and without the consent of all parties to such conversation and without authorization provided by Article 108A or Article 108B of the ‘Code of Criminal Procedure of 1963,’ approved August 13, 1963, as amended.” (more)

Note to Clients: I will send you a private report this month about covert recording in the workplace, and what to do about it. You really don't want to be tied up in 8-year-long court battles.