Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kevin's Security Tip of the Day

With all the data breaches in the news recently, you may wonder if your information was plundered. Find out at Have I Been Pawned? Mine has:(

If so, it's time to scurry around and change your on-line passwords.

Need help?
Password generators.
Password managers.
Password strength testers.

Make sure your new passwords are not on this list...
The Top 500 Worst Passwords of All Time

How to Create Easy to Remember Secure Passwords...
You can create a memorable, secure password starting with a simple phrase. We call these "passphrases". For example, let's use a quote from Ogden Nash:

"Happiness is having a scratch for every itch."

If we use the first letter of each word, and substitute 4 for "for", we get:


This is a reasonably strong password but we can improve it a bit by adding some special characters:


Associating Web Sites...
We can use our new password on several different websites by adding a suffix with a mnemonic link to a particular site. Let's use the first letter and the next two consonants in the site name.

Just to add a bit more randomness we'll alternate upper-case and lower case, and if the first character in the site name is a vowel we'll start with upper-case. To mix things up a bit more we'll use the same rule to decide whether to add the site mnemonic to the left side or the right side.
#Hihas4ei:AmZ    for Amazon
fBk#Hihas4ei:    for Facebook
#Hihas4ei:YtB    for YouTube