Monday, October 13, 2014

Chinese Espionage Now Rampant in Taiwan

As relations improve between Beijing and Taipei, military morale still continues to fall as fewer Taiwan military officers see a future in an ever-shrinking armed forces. Many are beginning to cash in on their intimate knowledge of military secrets, including classified information on US military equipment. 

Over the past several years, Taiwan military officers have sold China information on the E-2K Hawkeye airborne early warning aircraft, Patriot Advanced Capability-3 and PAC-2 anti-ballistic missile systems, Hawk air defense missile system, and the Raytheon Palm IR-500 radiometric infrared camera.

China uses retired Taiwan military officers to help recruit spies in the armed forces. Retired officers receive all-expense paid trips to China by the United Front Work Department, said a Taiwan security specialist. While there, they are lionized for returning to the “homeland” and given tours of their ancestral homes. Before they return, money is offered to help the “motherland” in the future, and “unfortunately many take it,” he said. (more)