Thursday, October 30, 2014

This Week in Strange Espionage, Wiretapping and Eavesdropping Cases

FL - In a dispute over a hotel in Palm Beach, Florida, the inn’s majority owner filed a state court suit accusing its ex-manager of taking trade secrets including client lists, business records and financial data, The Palm Beach Daily News reported... The ex-manager, who owns a 1 percent interest in the hotel, allegedly entered the property Oct. 20 and is occupying the premises without permission, according to the newspaper. (more)

MI - A Ford City man facing felony wiretapping charges for recording a parking dispute outside his home said Tuesday after a second preliminary hearing was postponed that the ordeal is taking its toll on him and his family. (more) (* in the legal sense)

IN - An Indiana judge has shot down a bid by a man with Chicago ties to have criminal charges against him dropped because prosecutors allegedly eavesdropped on a private conversation he had with his attorneys. (John B. Larkin) agreed to a recorded interview with police at the LaPorte County jail... At one point, the authorities took a break and left Larkin in the room with his two defense attorneys, shutting the door behind them. But unknown to Larkin and his lawyers, the recording continued...  

Similar allegations were leveled at LaPorte County prosecutors in a separate murder case earlier this year. (more)