Thursday, November 20, 2014

Speed, Instant Ticket... or, You Can Drive, But You Can't Hide

FutureWatch: Russia - 1200 complexes of photo and video registration will be installed in 381 sections of federal highways and regional roads located in the Moscow region. In particular, new equipment will be installed in almost every district and all major cities of the Moscow region, as well as in the smaller and greater Moscow Ring Road areas... 

It is planned that the installation of photo and video registration systems will be conducted at the expense of an investor company, which, in turn, will receive a share of all fines issued for violation of traffic rules detected by cameras...

According to the authors of the idea, cameras will be able to register the majority of traffic violations, including speeding and driving on the oncoming lane. (more)

• Traffic cameras on steroids.
• Becomes operational just before self-driving vehicles, thus making this less necessary.
• Does the government has some other uses in mind? (Duh.)
• Will this surveillance network be adopted by other countries, too? (Duh.)