Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Weird World Bugging News...

Wait. What!?!?  An eavesdropping organ transplant scandal, 47 wiretapping cops, carte blanche surveillance in the USA, SRG's self-licking surveillance ice cream cone, and a spy shop morphing into a pot shop! Too weird.

Taiwan - Taipei mayoral candidate Sean Lien (連勝文) said yesterday that his opponent Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) should drop out of the election if police are not able to confirm the existence of the alleged eavesdropping devices that Ko's election team claimed they discovered connected to their office phone; Lien added that Ko is only trying to divert attention away from his recent human organ transaction scandal. (more)

Turkey - Malatya Police Department launched an investigation on Wednesday into 47 police officers, who are allegedly affiliated with the Gülen Movement, for unlawful wiretapping charges. According to initial reports, the investigation encompasses the wiretapping of phone conversations during the past four years. (more)

US - A federal regulatory body is discussing a rule change Nov. 5 that would allow the FBI to conduct electronic surveillance of devices wherever they're located. (more)

UK - Security Research Group shares jumped 17% as the electronic surveillance and property services firm accompanied a significant increase in half-year earnings with a bullish full year outlook. Its Specialist Electronics unit, which sells IED detectors to the military and bugging devices to police forces, recorded an operating profit of £274,000, up from £7,000. The division was helped by a £268,000 deal with Australian homeland security services for its ‘SuperBroom’ handheld detectors (ironically, a bug detector). (more)

NV - Medical marijuana businesses are one step closer to opening up shop in the Silver State... MediFarm is closing in on a deal to buy The Spy Shop building in Midtown. (more)