Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Russian Politicians May Be Required to Use Dumb Phones

A leftist Russian lawmaker has prepared a bill recommending all MPs to stop using iPhones and iPads to protect themselves from eavesdropping by foreign special services.

Dmitry Gorovtsov, of the center-left Fair Russia party, told the Interfax news agency that his suggestion applied primarily to politicians who had access to classified information...

“In principle, the MPs know that using the most primitive mobile phones, those that cost no more than $20, is a guarantee not only against the theft of your own financial data or spying on your e-mail, but also against bugging,” Gorovtsov said. (more)

The least expensive way to assure you will not be tracked, eavesdropped, or have your information stolen by spyware is to use a dumb cell phone. Sources:, Kyocera Marbl K127, Motorola W260g, Motorola C139, more