Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Conversation in the Bathroom with the Water Running Can't Beat a Noisebath®

Need to have a private conversation? 
No time to sweep the room for bugs?
Don't want to look like a paranoid hiding in the bathroom with the water running?

Take a Noisebath®... because running the water isn't very effective against determined eavesdroppers with high-tech filtering systems.

from the website...
Playing NOISEBATH masking source material through the speakers of a properly configured system creates a “bath” of noise around the target which mixes with the actual voices or equipment sounds to hinder the exploitation of the target’s acoustics.

NOISEBATH has been shown to be compatible with Secure Telephones. The masking sounds have negligible impact on the remote secure phone user and the local masking level can be adjusted by remote control.

There is up to a 25db reduction in sound level within the protection zone from the sound level outside the protection zone. NOISEBATH can be used with transducers on exterior windows and surfaces to protect against eavesdropping systems outside the room.

Noisebath® is the co-invention of Noel D. Matchet,  employed for 19 years at the National Security Agency where he was presented the Agency’s highest honor – The Exceptional Civilian Service Award for his contributions to information security. He has multiple patents to his credit. more