Monday, August 10, 2015

Government-Level Spy Gear Found Used for Blackmail and Bid Rigging

South Africa - In what has been described as a serious compromise of the sovereignty of the state, three men appeared in court this week after they were found in possession of a super-spying device which can tap into more than 10 000 phones and eavesdrop on conversations from as far as 3km away.

The discovery is creating sleepless nights for South African intelligence officials and the police, as the men allegedly acquired the device with the help of government officials.

The Sunday Independent understands the device has been used to bug top politicians, cabinet ministers and prominent business people who do business with the government.

The men behind the acquisition of this powerful device had been using it for almost a year.

They apparently used it to manipulate and blackmail people in powerful positions, as well as sway multibillion-rand tenders in state institutions. more more