Thursday, November 12, 2015

Contest - Tell Us Everything You Know About this Wiretapping Device

I am guessing anyone who as ever used this is now pushing up punchdown blocks.
But, there is a nice prize for the person who can tell us about this device...
   • the manufacturer,
   • who used this device,
   • approximate year of manufacturer.
BONUS PRIZE if you send me the manual.
Information you submit will be shared below.
Enter HERE.

Winner: RH - Regarding your mystery wiretapping device, it is a Western Electric model 300ABC telephone line recording unit. Western Electric was the manufacturing company of AT&T up until the mid-90s, and furnished a lot of kit for the military. Based on the design and housing of this unit, it was likely manufactured some time between 1939 and 1946. While this could be used for wiretapping, these devices were common in military command posts were it would be used to record phone conversations between officers, and the recording would subsequently be transcribed and filed.

(Additional insights welcome.)