Thursday, November 12, 2015

Security Director Alert - Don't Be a Business Espionage Target While Traveling

The following list represents the most important procedures you and your colleagues should follow on your next trip abroad:
  1. Avoid disclosing your travel details to strangers.
  2. Never put electronics in your checked luggage.
  3. Consider traveling with a disposable cellphone (they are less susceptible to eavesdropping).
  4. Use a separate “throw-away” email to communicate with your family and 
coworkers (this prevents hackers from penetrating your company’s email 
system even after you have completed your trip).
  5. Consider installing an asymmetric email encryption program such as “Pretty Good Privacy” (PGP) on your computer, which allows you to encrypt and decrypt your email over the Internet.
  6. Put sensitive business documents on password-protected USB drives (such 
as “Iron Key” or “BitLocker”).
  7. Never use complimentary WiFi when traveling, unless absolutely necessary, and always use a trusted VPN.
  8. Never leave your sensitive business materials and/or electronics unattended 
in your hotel room — and your hotel safe is not safe! Carry all electronics with you at all times (hence, the need for smaller devices).
  9. If you spend time in the hotel bar, be cautious of what you say and to whom, 
because they are prime hunting grounds for espionage operatives.
  10. Be mindful of sexual entrapment (the Russians are still the masters of “honeypots” and have blackmailed many a business traveler into disclosing sensitive information in exchange for keeping their affairs secret).
  11. Use a strong passphrase (instead of password) containing up to 14-18 characters (and change it every 180 days or after every international trip).
  12. Make it a habit to power-off your devices when they are not in use. more