Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Smart Sheriff Chased Out of Town

Remember our Smart Sheriff post from May? 
South Korea created this spyware for cell phones. 
I'll wait while you check it out.

UPDATE: South Korea pulls plug on child monitoring app
The most widely used child surveillance app in South Korea is being quietly pulled from the market after security specialists raised serious concerns about the program’s safety...

Smart Sheriff’s disappearance is awkward news for South Korea’s effort to keep closer tabs on the online lives of its youngest citizens.

A law passed in April requires all new smartphones sold to those 18 and under to be equipped with software that parents can use to snoop on their kids’ social media activity. Smart Sheriff, the most popular of more than a dozen state-approved apps, was meant to keep children safe from pornography, bullying, and other threats, but experts say its abysmal security left the door wide open to hackers and put the personal information of some 380,000 users at risk. more