Sunday, December 20, 2015

Smartphone App: Record, Store & More

There are plenty of apps for recording your phone calls, but Yallo one has some extra tricks... like adding a subject line to your phone call. 
  • "Not urgent if you're busy."
  • "Emergency. Pick up."
  • "Quick question, promise."
  • "This is the kidnapper."
The full feature set... 

iPhone Call Recording App features:
  1. Outgoing Call Recording
  2. Free Incoming Call Recording - Unlimited!
  3. Saved on a Secure Cloud - Free Up Space
  4. Truly Unlimited Call Duration
  5. Keep Your Caller ID
  6. Mark Favorite Calls
  7. Custom Call Title 

Android App features:
  1. Go Yallo: No cell reception? No problem! With Go Yallo you are still available for calls to your regular number via WiFi and Yallo. 
  2. For the Record: Record and playback your calls, send them to your email, HD call quality. Save calls and listen later. Forward a recorded call to somebody else. Search based on keywords and phrases used in the call. 
  3. Call Caption: Want to let someone know why you’re calling so they can decide to pick up or not? Call Caption is the answer. Write a quick message that gives someone the context in advance.
  4. Existing Phone Numbers Welcome: No need to get a new number or transfer your existing one. Yallo works with your current number.
  5. Flexible: Make any device your phone, regardless of where your SIM card is. Out of juice or lost your phone? No problem. Log into Yallo on someone else’s phone and voila! it is your phone. Outgoing calls have your caller ID and incoming calls to your regular number, now come to your newly adopted phone.