Saturday, September 3, 2016

Relive Watergate by Living in Watergate

Watergate will forever be notorious as the site of the Democratic National Committee break-in. Now for $1.33 million, you can buy your place in its history.

That’s the asking price of the four-bedroom residence where then-Attorney General John Mitchell lived when planning the infamous break-in of 1972. The apartment, located in one of the Watergate’s three residential towers, measures 3,150 square feet and includes a private elevator entrance.

The buildings that make up the Watergate complex have a long list of A-list residents influential in politics, public policy, the arts and business. Current owners include Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, former Sens. Bob and Elizabeth Dole, and Jacqueline Mars, heiress to the Mars candy fortune. We take you behind the scenes in the Washington landmark. more

Fun Facts
John Mitchell was the person who evaluated the results of the first Watergate burglary and ordered the five men to return to fix wiretaps and photograph more documents.

• "If it hadn't been for Martha Mitchell,
there'd have been no Watergate."