Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Five Steps to Countering Business Espionage

Everyone has heard the phrase "loose lips sink ships." 

That's the very essence of military operational security. Commonly shortened into "OPSEC," it is a fundamental—if not the most important—part of military operations...

The business world isn't nearly as life and death but that doesn't mean the same rules don't apply. The military has five basic steps to proper OPSEC, and they're just as useful in the civilian world, especially with the proliferation of tech that makes leaks and security breaches more common.

1. Identify critical information
2. Analyze potential threats
3. Know your own weaknesses
4. Assess risks
5. Apply countermeasures

  • OPSEC requires complete understanding of your company from the inside out. If you're truly going to be as secure as a well-oiled military unit you need to think about—and think like—the enemy.
  • Think about the threats you might face and compare those to your vulnerabilities. The military uses that comparison to figure out where they need to focus on OPSEC—it is no different in the civilian world.
  • Planning is nothing without execution. Make sure you're putting OPSEC lessons into play, and also be sure that everyone in your company is on board. The lowest ranking Private in the Army takes OPSEC classes, and so should the lowest level employee at your company. more  
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