Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Classic Spy Tradecraft: Sexy Spies at G20 Summit

This is a cautionary tale for all business people (men and women) who travel for work...

While Americans in Hangzhou may be worried about red-carpeted stairways, British officials are concerned about something much more important -- honey traps.

The team of officials accompanying new British Prime Minister Theresa May to the G20 summit have been warned to take steps to protect themselves from alluring Chinese spies offering sex during their stay in Hangzhou, the Telegraph reports.

Apparently, British security agents haven't just been reading too many James Bond novels; this kind of thing has happened before and they are taking care that it won't happen again by issuing officials with temporary mobile phones and email addresses.

The scandalous incident occurred during former prime minister Gordon Brown's visit to China in 2008. According to Brown's special advisor Damien McBride, the British officials were “accosted on one side by a beautiful posse of Chinese girls and on the other side by an equivalent group of Russian blondes."

Before they knew what was going on, one of the officials was lured away to his hotel room, where he was drugged and robbed of his Blackberry and "half the contents of his briefcase." more

PS - They can also plant eavesdropping devices and spycams.