Saturday, May 13, 2017

Corporate Espionage Countermeasures Tips

via – American Greed Report
Corporate espionage schemes can occur when people already working for someone else infiltrate a company, or employees who've already left a company leave behind co-conspirators who send them data.

Some important steps companies can take:
  • Install technology that monitors everything going into your email system to determine if it's a legitimate message or if it's phishing or malware.
  • Monitor for what's going out of your email system as well by installing leakage control systems. These can, for example, tell whether data is being sent to Dropbox or personal Google, Amazon or Microsoft cloud accounts. They can also monitor for documents or spreadsheets going out.
  • Use whitelisting, which lets you specify which applications are approved to run on a computer system. Anything not on the whitelist won't run, which protects the network from malware and other harmful applications.
  • Consult with labor employment counsel to make sure your agreements on who owns intellectual property and prohibiting misuse or removal of such property are up to date. more