Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Inside Information: Email Sales Pitches Some Spies Receive

Only the names have been changed to protect the reticent.

Intercept and capture any phone ANYWHERE in the world... Remotely!

Are your clients looking for a powerful solution to capture all app messages?

Our new monitoring technology for deployment on cellphones is now available.
  • Penetrate cellular defenses
  • Generate effective access to Target devices
  • Perform interception of their data communications
  • Operate in 'new' locations, without requiring any integration
  • Extract data from phones without any user interaction required
Our solution utilizes a new proprietary interception method which remotely captures any target device, irrespective of country or device location.

This advanced method of interception does not require any infrastructure or tactical equipment to gain access to a target’s communication path.

The latest model, Octo+2, can target up to 10 phones at any one time and convert their microphones to a listening post for worldwide audio and video monitoring.

It’s now time to turn on the microphone on your target’s phone so you can listen from any where in the world!
.... Available to authorized agencies only.