Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Security Director Alert: Check for Unsecured Wi-Fi Printers

A group of hackers linked to Russian spy agencies are using "internet of things" devices like printers and internet-connected phones to break into corporate networks, Microsoft announced on Monday. more

We see this vulnerability at approximately a third of the corporations where we conduct inspections. It is a very common issue. Very dangerous. 

Q. "So, why does this happen so often?"

A. When initially outfitting the office the IT Department usually does a good job of turning on encryption for Wi-Fi Access Points, and the things connecting to them. 

Later, someone decides they need their own printer. It arrives. It is plugged in. Nobody thinks about turning on the encryption.

Often, the Wi-Fi feature of the printer is not even used, but it's on by default. The company network is now subject to compromise.

The only way to know if you have this issue is to look for it. Have your IT Department check periodically, or have us do it, but do it. ~Kevin