Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Business Security Trend: Proactive Information Security... Legislated by law!

via Brian G. Cesaratto, Epstein Becker Green
New York is the latest state to adopt a law that requires businesses that collect private information on its residents to implement reasonable cybersecurity safeguards to protect that information.

New York now joins California, Massachusetts and Colorado in setting these standards. New York’s law mandates the implementation of a data security program, including measures such as risk assessments, workforce training and incident response planning and testing. 

Businesses should immediately begin the process to comply with the Act’s requirements effective March 21, 2020.

Notably, New York’s law covers all employers, individuals or organizations, regardless of size or location, which collect private information on New York State residents.

In order to achieve compliance, an organization must implement a data security program that includes:
  • reasonable physical safeguards that may include detection, prevention and response to intrusions, and protections against unauthorized access to or use of private information during or after collection, transportation and destruction or disposal of the information.