Monday, June 9, 2008

How To Manage Rogue Mobile Devices

A single unsecured smartphone (or laptop) can jeopardize the security of your entire organization.

For those not schooled in the risks, smartphones are the back-door deployment that can provide hackers -- or the competition -- with access to your network.

Jim, your employee, buys a smartphone and loads it up with contracts, sales quotes, pricing schemes, and other information you wouldn't want your competitors or customers to know.

The smartphone falls out of his pocket while he is boarding a plane in a crowded airport. Whoever finds the device will have instant access to all of Jim's emails and your corporate information.

Solution - Do these things...
• Use VPN's
• Block Access to Public Wi-Fi
• Make Strong Passwords Mandatory
• Block Removable Storage
• Educate Employees
• Educate IT
• Encryption is Key
• Better Security Through Software
(here's how)

We can help you identify and locate rogue devices operating in your offices. This is just one of many problems we solve with our Wireless LAN (wi-fi) Security Audit and Compliance Report service.