Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Cell Phone Jammer Conundrum

Commentary by Richard Roth, Chicago Technology Examiner...
Why would anyone want to “jam” or block a cellular phone?
In truth its already done by the federal government in certain areas to prevent the detonation of bombs by simply dialing a lethal number.

However, many businesses would also like to use them as well. Movie theaters and restaurants for one, prisons and financial institutions as well, but in the city of Chicago along with most other municipalities doing so is illegal. In fact, each country has unique laws. The UK and Japan allow you possess but not use jamming technology.

The equipment exists to block cellular networks and also GPS tracking, and can readily be purchased over the internet regardless of the fact it is technically illegal. It is sold by two groups of people. The first are legitimate distributors who and supply the government with cellular and more sophisticated radio frequency signal blocking equipment, and the second
group, which is everybody else who imports them for resale, largely from China.

The question is “should civilians or at least business’s be allowed to use this equipment?" If the federal government can, why can’t its citizens? When federal officials make public appearances such as the president’s recent inauguration he was protected from bomb detonated cell phones. Shouldn’t everyone have the right to such protection? (more)