Friday, April 3, 2009

Eavesdropper-Stopper Copper Fired - Hits Jackpot

MI - For the second time in two years, a former Iosco County sheriff's deputy has sued his department and landed a six-figure settlement.

Anthony Eno receives $215,000 in the most recent agreement, reached last month. The sum is to be paid by Iosco's insurance carrier, county officials say.

Eno sued the Iosco sheriff department in 2008 after then-Sheriff Michael Fischer fired him for ''substantial charges of misconduct,'' the department said at the time.

Eno denied any misconduct, alleging instead that his dismissal was an act of retaliation for his role as ''whistle blower'' in a previous case. In that 2006 case, Eno helped investigators prosecute a former undersheriff for eavesdropping. (more)