Monday, September 24, 2012

An App that Zaps Crime?

via the app maker...
"If there’s one thing that scares criminals above all else, it’s a witness to their actions. And that’s exactly why IWITNESS is the perfect crime deterrent.

With IWITNESS on your smartphone:
Record. Capture audio and video of any incident.
Send. Transmit what you’ve captured to a secure server accessible to law enforcement – an action no perpetrator can reverse.
Alert. Automatically call 911. Plus, send your exact location and an instant notification to friends or family members. 

IWITNESS features:
• Audio and video recording
  (Check your local laws about audio recording. You don't want the criminal to sue you.)
• Real-time tracking of location via GPS
• Data sent to a secure off-premises server location
• Automatically dials 911
• Notifies trusted contacts when you feel endangered
• Emits flashing light and sounds an alarm

(Note: This is not a free app.)