Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Brussels - Spy Capital of the World

The head of Belgium's state security service, Alain Winants, said in an interview published Monday, that Brussels currently sees more spy activity than almost any other city in the world. 
Spying on the secrets of Belgium chocolate making.

"We are not speaking in the dozens, we are speaking in the hundreds, several hundreds" of foreign intelligence officers and agents in Brussels, he told the Brussels-based website Euobserver in what is said to be his first interview with the international media.

"In Belgium, espionage, Russian espionage and from other countries, like the Chinese, but also others,is at the same level as the Cold War ... We are a country with an enormous concentration of diplomats, businessmen, international institutions - NATO, European institutions. So for an intelligence officer, for a spy, this is a kindergarten. It's the place to be," Winants was quoted saying. (more)