Friday, September 28, 2012

Forensically Find Fake Photos Fast - Further Discussion

As most readers of the Security Scrapbook know, I do not sell products, nor do I profit in any way from items brought to your attention. The sole purpose when mentioning a product is to inform and educate. Sometimes, my readers provide additional insights and information. This helps all of us.

The other day I posted, "Fourandsix Technologies, Inc. has introduced their first product, FourMatch, which instantly distinguishes unmodified digital camera files from those that may have been edited." Wow! Cool stuff. Gimme, gimme.

Reality Check...
While this statement is technically accurate, one reader cautions that the company's other marketing information may lead one to expectations the product can not fulfill.

Read the review by Jim Hoerricks, and the response by Kevin Connor of Fourandsix Technologies, Inc.. Their discussion is very useful and illuminating, especially if you are in need of this technology.

P.S. The answer to the last "What's wrong with this picture?" (Rolling Stones album cover) is... "Former Rolling Stones’ bassist Bill Wyman was digitally removed from the cover..."

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What's wrong with this picture?