Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas, and another phone company Pontius Pilate's spyware

Vietnam - Mobile phone subscribers have become worried stiff when hearing that their phone conversations would be tapped at any time, as the software pieces and devices allowing to bug phone calls have been selling everywhere.

There are a lot of bug device suppliers. Especially, the ad pieces on supplying tapping software pieces and devices can be found on websites as well. The advertisers affirm that all the latest generation software pieces like Spyphone, Copyphone, PokerSpyphone, Spy Mobile, Mobile Phone Spy would be delivered right after buyers make payment.

Clients have been told that it’ll take them some minutes only to install the software or bug devices into the targeted phones to record all the conversations and messages. Especially, the devices are dirt cheap, just about one million dong, which makes nothing to the people who can afford the smart phones running on iOS or Android.

In reply, network operators have affirmed that they have no involvement in the wiretapping operation and that in principle, all the personal information of subscribers has been kept confidential. (more)

But, we don't hear them complaining about the extra revenue they earn from spyware data transfers. ~Kevin