Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wiretapping Sweeps Over China

Now wiretapping is very popular in China's officialdom, from senior level to the grass-roots, spying equipment is being utilized widely.

Officials wiretap each other to find their opponent's secrets, then use it as a bargaining chip to achieve a promotion. In many situations, people can see that the officials embrace each other. In fact, it's an action to check whether the other has a wiretapping device or not.

Commentators thought the spy equipment has been a tool of siding with the bully in China, where it isn't ruled by law.

Qi Hong is an expert on detecting spying equipment in China. Recently he told media that he had helped more than one hundred officials remove more than 300 bugs in 2011. His job is locating the wiretap device and pinhole camera from officials' car, bedroom and office. In busiest times, he removed more than 40 devices in a week.

Qi Hong also exposed that wiretap devices are widely used among the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members. In some cases, the subordinates want to find some crimes of their superior, so that he can replace them. In some cases, competitors want to find the secrets of others which can be used to plot against them. In some cases, the superiors want to control the subordinates.

In addition, the wives and lovers want to grasp some insider information. Normally, the wiretap devices were installed in officials' cars, offices and bedrooms. (more) (video)