Monday, December 24, 2012

SpyCam Story #664 - This Month In SpyCam News

SpyCam stories have become commonplace and the techniques used, repetitive. We continue to keep lose track of the subject for statistical purposes, but won't bore you with too many details. Links supplied. 

"What's up Doc?"
CO - Man hiding in Yoga festival porta-potty tank pleads not guilty. Try insanity next time.
AR - Hidden camera in girl's bedroom. A dolt claims, "to see if she was having sex."
AR - Tanning bed spycam'er pleads guilty
FL - Man gets 10 years for spycam in bedrooms and evidence tampering.
LA - Ex-security guard - 42 counts of voyeurism. Hid spycams in restrooms at his building.
MI - Man jailed for taping sexual encounter between himself and three women.
Canada - Swimming instructor puts spycam in staff-only locker room
Canada - Clothing store dressing room cam-man turns himself in
Canada - Another clothing store cam-man.
Austria - Artist installs one-way mirror in cafe. Peeks from mens restroom into ladies room

School Daze...
KY - A real McCoy caught upskirting at college.
NJ - Chief custodian at Catholic high school + 8 cameras - Arrested.
CT - Cell phone + college co-ed showers... What could possibly go wrong? 
IN - Janitor + spycam + locker room.
IN - Middle School science teacher + spycam + women's faculty restroom at the school
OH - Middle School teacher + spycam + 2 female teachers in teachers-only bathroom.
OH - High school coach + camera in Boy's Locker Room, pleads not guilty
CT - School psychologist + camera + house guest.

Darwin Awards...
AR - Wife finds video of underage girl on his/her computer. He filmed himself setting it up.
Canada - Likes to watch women sleep. Voyeurism no, B&E yes. Cell phone left behind.